Nowadays, art is no longer just the work of painters, photographers, sculptors and visual artists known as such and immersed in the world of museums, galleries, culture and money. Democratization is on the rise, and more and more people are daring to express themselves without artistic background, just because they want to create, share, denounce, and question.

Art invades the walls, real and virtual.

The walls are covered with tags, collages, mosaics and pixels, showing everyone a poetic or demanding message, a deep or light image, an evocation, a feeling.

Contemporary art galleries exhibit bold works and unknown artists, designers, fashion designers and designers dare to industrialize their artistic impulses, and all is well that ends beautiful.

The jaded museums have only to open the eye to go from discovery to discovery. We see more and more different works, multiple and inspired, and this in each window and on every street corner. Keith Haring was the exception that became the rule, and in recent years, art is improvised without fear, the painting spreads without constraints, and the expression appears without baggage and without prior training. Real and virtual walls (long live social networks and sharing tools): everyone has a quarter of an hour of glory, his square meter of free expression, his way of contributing to a more pop, more graphic world, more arty.