The Perfect But Pocket-Friendly Wedding Reception

Alastair McLeod, a Brisbane based celebrity chef, gets behind the #snapbrisbane campaign and expresses how glad he is to live beside a great local produce. The celebrity chef worked in many different finest restaurants all across the world. He has worked in Scotland, Italy, France, his native Belfast, but now finally has settled in the suburbs of Wights Mountain in Brisbane and is extremely pleased with the fresh produce available to him in the local area. He brags about how fresh the produce is and how he enjoys cooking with all the fresh vegetables in his garden, fresh eggs and honey. Alastair takes his guests on a Brisbane river tour on City cycles and he is always amazed at the fact that he feels like a tourist in his own town. Not only is Australia home to celebrity chefs like Alastair but also wonderful chefs working for wedding caterers Brisbane wide.


It is well known that food is of utmost importance in case individuals are planning a wedding reception and one might have to spend quite a bit in order to hire the Best Wedding Caterers Brisbane has to offer. However, with certain hacks, you could not only have amazing wedding caterers Brisbane market has today to work for you, but also save quite some funds for that honeymoon you’ve been planning.

Although the wedding caterers in Brisbane are well equipped with everything, here is a list of tips that would help you in going easy on that pocket:

  • Most wedding caterers Brisbane has today charge really over inflated prices for appetizers. So it is a great idea to make your own appetizers and heat them up right before the cocktail hour. This not only saves that extra crunch in the pocket but also gives a personal feel to the reception.
  • The first and foremost tip is to keep it simple. The guests would probably be hungry and they would really not care about fancy snacks. So simple items like cheese squares, crackers, and fruits would do as great as fancy ones.
  • Although most Brisbane Wedding Caterers provide the option of servers and it is definitely agreeable that having servers looks pretty fun, however, there isn’t much need of them. Guests would enjoy appetizers from the stalls as much.
  • It would be a great idea to choose a place for the reception which allows B.Y.O.B (bring your own booze) so that you can stock up the booze yourselves for the guests and save a lot of money, because it would cost a lot more if the booze were to be bought at the reception venue bar.
  • Limiting the kinds of alcoholic beverages to beer and wine would be a really great tip to avoid unnecessary expenses. Also, there should definitely be non-alcoholic drinks too.
  • One great idea to save some from the wedding cake is to have tiers of pretty cupcakes, instead of having a big costly cake. That would not only be pretty but also a huge money saver.
  • Having a daytime wedding is advisable as the venue would cost lesser. Also, it is important that you take notice of all the hidden charges that the venue asks for.

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